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Monday, March 19, 2012

Public Service: Models be careful Fake/bogus Client certain Mr. Gallardo Cruz.

Name: Gallardo Cruz (sometimes called Mike Gallardo or Michael Cruz)
Category: Fake/bogus Client
FB Profile - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001991768150

Scenario: He contacted Barbie San Miguel and signed her up for a photo-shoot with "their" company Auto Trend (a garage company who owns exotic cars located in Timog). He said that it will be used for tarps and prints as they will be joining the upcoming Manila Auto Salon. He is also tapping Barbie to be their model on the said event. Everything are fine and he did sound believable and legitimate as he even mentioned a name of a fellow from Repsol, from which Barbie is a regular model with. Barbie tapped me as the photographer. I had Barbie tell the client of my rate, and he willing fully agreed right away (hmm, no negotiations even? pretty odd).

So we had scheduled a date and time for the shoot. We went to the agreed place, which is Auto Trend in Timog Ave. QC. Actually, all throughout the day, the "client" has not responded back to Barbie. We got to the place, and asked around. The personnel who were there said that they have never heard the name "Gallardo Cruz" and that no one has informed them about conducting a photo-shoot at all. The number is also not reachable anymore. We just left and thankfully our security wasn't compromised. Who knows there may have been a lookout somewhere around and if they saw Barbie alone something might have happened.

Victims involved: Barbie San Miguel, Francis Ting, and Me (Yohan)
Add: We were later on informed that this guy has already victimized Jem Milton and Gwen Ceridwen too.


Fellow Photographer Sir Yohan Dela Cruz


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