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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Race for Sendong: Singlets and Clothes Drive for the victims of Typhoon Sendong



Multisport and fitness community, I know it’s already off season but let’s all band together and do one final race for the victims of Typhoon Sendong. No, this is not an endurance event but a race to get our donations as quickly as possible to our brothers and sisters at Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. As of today (Dec 18, 10pm), according to Red Cross, the death toll from storm-triggered flash floods has already risen to 521 and is still growing every minute.

I know everyone is already busy shopping and buying christmas gifts for friends and loved ones but I do hope we can all find the time to reach out to our fellow Filipinos who’s in dire need of fresh clothes.

RACE FOR SENDONG Singlets and Clothes Drive.

SWIMBIKERUN.ph is teaming up with various bike and multisport shops for this relief operation. You may drop off your donations at any of the shops listed below.

The Brick Multisport Store = Mc Kinley Hill. The Fort.

Dan’s Bike Shop = 13B La Fuerza Plaza Compound 2241 Don Chino Roces Ave. Makati City 1231

Bike King = Boni High Street, The Fort.

Trinity Cycle Shop = 41 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

The Starting Line Multisport Store = Westgate, Alabang

All Terra Bike Shop = Ortigas Home Depot, Ortigas Q.C.

Second Wind Running Store Ortigas = Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas, Ortigas, Pasig City / tel # 914-0283

Second Wind Running Store QC = 45 Malingap st., teachers village QC / tel # 238-4005

G-Stop = Alabang Town Center.

Lets race to give our donations to the victims of Typhoon Sendong before Christmas. We will be making rounds and start collecting the donations this wednesday (December 21). Hopefully we can send them to the victims by thursday (December 22).

Note: This campaign is not limited to singlets and clothes. You may donate old shorts, pants, and t-shirts.

For any questions or clarifications regarding the drive or any of the drop off points, please don’t hesitate to contact Carlos de Guzman at 0917-2554111 or admin@swimbikerun.ph

If possible, after donating, please send a txt / email to the contact info above so that we will know how many boxes we will bring for each shop.

If you’re a shop owner and want your shop to be listed as one of the drop off points, just drop us a line so we can include you in the list.

Please pass and share this to everyone guys.

Thank you so much.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Consumer Alert: Letter to Havaianas / Havaianas Philippines.

Dear Havaianas / Havaianas Philippines (Official),

Used to be your biggest fan! collected your product for how many years, collected almost every color/style. My husband's and more of my daughter's broken Havs are not even included in that pic (can't find it anymore, I think it's around 6-8 pairs more). see the white and purple (slim) Havs of my daughter? she just enjoyed using that for a "MONTH".. yes, 1 month only then.... "BROKEN!" I still have 7 pairs left and I'm sure it will be broken anytime..soon! that's why I always have extra pair of slippers in the car just to be sure. Your slogan says "Havaianas are truly the best rubber sandals in the world" Well.. I don't think so! coz your product SUCKS.. Big Time! Havaianas slippers cost around P700-P1,000plus depending on the style right?, but the quality shows that it should only cost Php50 or maybe less.. yes that's right!!!. see that slippers below our broken Havaianas? that "no name" slippers? just bought that when the strap of my daughter's havaianas snapped while we're walking at the mall. She has been using that for 2 years now (used that for taking a bath and for the park-jumping and running around with that slippers) so please don't tell your UNSATISFIED customers that "Havaianas' durability depends on the wear and tear. The straps can break after long and frequent usage or if it is worn during more intense activities or strong force is applied to the pair". coz' as you can see, even if the print of the "no name" pair of slippers is already faded, still..it is in good condition. You might wanna ask if how much it is? uuuhhmm, It's only Php80.. yes P80!. Good quality for the price huh?. Just in case you don't know, your products are way more expensive that any other rubber slippers so please provide your customer with a " worth the money" slippers. I think the main objective of your company should focus on how to make your customers happy, in short..SATISFY YOUR CUSTOMERS: "Expensive rubber slippers=good quality" don't you think?. :) I'm not expecting for a replacement or refund (but I'll be very glad if you will of course) i'm just one of the disappointed customers. I just want others to know my bad (waste of money) experience with your product and warn them as well. Remember... "Advertising thru word of mouth" works all the time but "BAD REVIEWS/FEEDBACK" works even better. Sometimes, it can even destroy a Company. :-) so do something about your customers complains before it's too late.

Facebook Reactions:

    • Havaianas Philippines (Official) Hi Peach, thanks for the feedback. Our customer care team shall address this concern. They shall send you a private message via Facebook.
      Wednesday at 10:08am ·

    • Peach Tabaniag Havaianas Philippines (Official) / Havaianas I thought I will hear from you? or this is just another tactics so that you can show your new customers that you can respond to every complains?.
      24 minutes ago · · 1

    • Peach Tabaniag Than Estrera I strongly suggest you to take a picture of "all" your broken havaianas and post the pic on this site also. before someone decides to collect their "best rubber slippers".. just like us!.

  • Peach Tabaniag sure! =) actually, hindi naman ako nage-expect ng replacement or refund coz kung ganon ang gagawin nila sa lahat ng complains ng customers nila malamang "nalugi" na sila sa sobrang dami ng kelangan nilang i-refund. kakainis lang kasi bawat complain reply nila is "they will handle the complain or they will call you", obvious naman na style lang nila yun para masabing hina-handle nila lahat ng complains. sus!
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