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Thursday, September 08, 2011

MUSIC: Beats Studio by Dr. Dre and Monster (Noise Canceling Headphones)

The Beats Studio unboxed. They come with a touring case they fold nicely into.

The time has come; the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here. Monster Beats By Dre sent me to music heaven and back. It’s been a long time that I’ve put on headphones that made me say “OMG, this is amazing!"

It's hard to find a side of these headphones that isn't branded or marked in some way; something that might deter potential owners.

The headphones are the product of a collaboration between revered rapper, actor and producer Dr. Dre and Monster Cable. Monster positioned the Beats Studio headphones as their flagship personal audio

Beats Studio Headphones with  Apple iPhone

I entered a local tech store and experienced the comfort and the realism of sound with Monster Over The Hear Studio headphones. These sleek, and stylish headphones are embedded with comfortable padding that give your ears a breath of fresh air.

A panel on the left ear cup unscrews to show the required 2 AAA batteries. When these die, I'll replace them with lightweight lithiums.

Since this was an in-store demo, I wasn’t able to see what was in the box. However, if you’re dying to know, head over to YouTube and watch the unboxing of this bad-boy. The Studio range come in three colours; black, red, and white, all as stylish as one another.

The first time I put these Monster Studio headsets on, I wondered how headphones such as these are capable to produce outstanding base. It was amazing! It honestly felt like you were in your own studio with Dre right beside you.

If I had one complaint about these headphones, then it’s the following: sound leaks - sure these headphones provide amazing sound quality. However, sound leaks can ruin a masterpiece. These leaks provide nothing but disturbance for your surroundings.The Studio Over The Ear range is ideal for the semi-professional studio producer and DJ.

  Can you say glossy? he he he

If you want the sleek and pro look then Studio is the way to go. To hear every beat pounding in your ear is music to dedicated listeners'. Beats By Dre: Over The Ear is personally suited to the users' ears, for the headphones can be adjusted to your liking without any hassle, and they sit comfortably on your head. The packaging is just as beautiful, as it comes with a durable black case decorated with the 'B' emblem, and a microphybic cleaning cloth to keep the shine on going.

One small nitpick - I would have liked a right angle connector for when using the Beats on a laptop. For example on a plane or when computing on your lap it is annoying to have cables sticking straight out.

Of course, every product can have a downside. I'm sorry to say Monster left an enormous, and painful footprint on the price. That's right, these professional headphones come at a hefty cost. If you want to own headphones with Dre's signature, it'll cost you a lot of money. Even though this will be an expensive investment for your ears, it's definitely worth a consideration!

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