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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MICHELIN celebrates the 25th edition of its partnership with the Race of Champions

The 2012 Race of Champions will be a thrilling end-of-season contest that pits some of the world’s best drivers against each other in a variety of machinery with one thing in common – they will all be running MICHELIN tyres.

Motoring experts from the Philippines have been invited by Michelin to watch the competition.

Race Of Champions

Race Of Champions

This unique competition has been held every year since 1988, and MICHELIN has been a technical partner since day one. The event brings together some of the world’s greatest drivers from international motor sport’s most famous disciplines – including the Formula 1 World Championship, World Rally Championship, MotoGP, IndyCar , sports car endurance racing, V8 Supercars, and the X-Games – and sees them battle head-to-head in identical machinery.

Mr. Pascal COUASNON, MICHELIN Racing Division Director welcomes MICHELIN’s involvement in the exciting event.

“MICHELIN is proud to have been a technical partner of the Race of Champions since it first began” said Mr COUASNON.

“Race of Champions is about pitting the best drivers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines against each other. The high standard of the competitors, and the competition expected between them means it is only fitting that they have the best possible equipment. MICHELIN will use its long and successful record in motorsport around the world to ensure this happens.”

ROC DRIVERS_03911802_1276

“With a racing pedigree built on championship and race wins in motorsport categories across the globe, the MICHELIN name is synonymous with delivering quality motorsport products that perform well, are reliable and allow teams be more fuel efficient. We are pleased to be able to offer the RoC competitors a tyre that matches their skill and requirements.”

For MICHELIN, motorsport is not only a place to compete, it is also a place to develop and test new technology.

“After being tested in the extreme conditions of a race track, innovations that increase tread life, ensure sustainable tyre performance, improve safety and enhance energy efficiency are then transferred into MICHELIN passenger car tyres,” Mr COUASNON added.



Mr. Segsarn TRAI- UKOS, Country Director, MICHELIN Siam Co, Ltd. said “We are also excited by the fact that ROC is coming to Thailand where MICHELIN have a long history presented in this country for over 25 year with. Our customers and partners here will be exposed to the innovation side of MICHELIN translated by motorsports that is deeply rooted in our DNA.”

Race organiser Fredrik JOHNSSON said: "MICHELIN has been the official tyre supplier to the Race of Champions ever since our very first event in 1988. That means ROC 2012 in Bangkok will be the 25th consecutive year that MICHELIN has provided the tyres for our line-up of legends from the world's major forms of motor sport.”

"The Race of Champions features machinery ranging from production sports cars to buggies, with everything in between. One of the most important things for ROC was to find a tyre manufacturer with an extensive pedigree in motor sport, coupled with the ability to provide tyres that are both reliable and 'racy' for a wide range of vehicles. That meant it was a simple decision to join forces with MICHELIN - and the quality of their tyres means it's been an even simpler one to keep our partnership going ever since."

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MICHELIN Competition tyres are designed to meet the extreme demands of competition. Developed through significant research and development, MICHELIN also draws from experience gained during multiple Championship victories around the globe, which this year has included the World Rally Championship, and the 24 hours of Le Mans.

For The Race of Champions, MICHELIN will bring with them a range of different tyres from their catalogue that fit with the specifications in place for the event.

To add to the excitement of the event, competitors will compete in a range of different vehicles, with MICHELIN matching the best tyre to each vehicle.

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