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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

CHILLIN': Digital Photographer first photographer's get-together for 2012

This is From Digital Photographer Philippines' Nick Tuason

Right after Holy Week on Wednesday, April 11, Digital Photographer will be holding its first photographer's get-together for 2012.

The venue will be at the Marriott and the time is from 5pm to 10pm as the poster reads. For all you photographers, rank beginner or professional, this is a great time to mingle with someone who shares the same passion as you. There will be a few Live Shoots plus a lecture or two on the big screen from the country's best. We're calling this event CHILLIN' because that's what we plan to do, just hang out with photographers, share, talk shop, and maybe have a few cocktails. CHILLIN' is a dry run to our much larger DPP Anniversary Event later in the year. Note the list of companies who are supporting this event. I can tell you that several of them will try to out do each other so its going to be fun. Please help me pass this message around. I hope to see you all on April 11!

So photographers, newbies and enthusiasts you should come!

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