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Monday, February 06, 2012

LIBATIONS GRAND LAUNCH: located at the second level of G-strip



These days when people head out to crowded, noisy and smoky clubs for fun only to find themselves feeling robbed and exhausted from the experience, it is certainly great to come across an establishment that offers a much laid back setting, coupled with great food and drinks with affordable prices along with the hippest music that people look for.


LIBATIONS is a drink lounge that started as a harmless idea between peers and is now a newly set-up establishment with an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere that brings together great music, good people, inspired food and handpicked quality beverages. There’s definitely a new reason to visit Greenhill's as LIBATIONS, located at the second level of G-strip, Greenhill's, is set to have their grand opening on the 21st of January, 2012.


LIBATIONS started out when its brain child, Elmer Nicolas, along with his peers, randomly started daydreaming of the idea just August last year. Within a couple of months, their vision quickly turned into reality. In the case of LIBATIONS, such rapid development do not, however, necessarily translate to hasty choices. The name LIBATIONS was inspired by the latin style of drinking that involved a more personal and laid back feel. The term itself originates from the latin word libare, that refers to the act of pouring as an offering.


The term evolved and began to be known as the act of drinking intoxicating beverage, often ceremoniously (as to a deity or a god). This is what enters their doors, to be treated as gods. Elmer’s fascination with the old English vibe also contributes to achieve just that as such is translated in the interiors of the lounge. Designed by his friend Nikki Laurel, they were able to introduce elements of rustic and sophisticated design.


What sets LIBATIONS apart from other establishment, however, is their keen attention to details. They are the first ones in the Manila night life scene to introduce the negative-ion bulbs. These revolutionary light bulbs uses technology that is able to remove positive ions, which are responsible in making us feel tired, irritable and depressed, and generally make the air cleaner. In the simplest way, this ionic technology is able to remove smoke and odors in just minutes.

james yap

James Yap in Libations (Credit Ms. Cha Sy for the photo) Another unique feature that would leave you in positive mood is the establishment’s long bar, which appears to be the centerpiece of the whole customers. This said designed enables people to be able to easily access the bar or comfortably engage in a conversation with others. This customer friendly design is noticeable within the four walls of LIBATIONS.


Unlike other bars, LIBATIONS is a place where it is possible to engage in intimate or group conversation void of the typical deafening night club music. The selection of imported wine and beer along with their signature cocktail drinks namely Libations and Volcano's turns drink lounge into a place like no other.



The bar list has carefully selected with expertise, taste and strict control to provide customers with the finest quality at the most affordable prices. Aside from their superb drink list, LIBATIONS is also home of the special pica-pica such as the crowd favorite sisig and their sausage platter, with a flavor unlike any other. The Bulacan-hailed Elmer also makes available a variety of chi Charon from his side of Luzon.


To state it bluntly, LIBATIONS isn’t a club but more of a beverage lounge that exudes a more chill and inviting atmosphere where anyone is invited to enjoy the food and drinks as well as dance to its transfixing beats. Guided by the owner’s keen eye on detail and a customer focused design, LIBATIONS promises to provide a first class treatment, emanating in pure opulence with a single goal in mind: to make the customers feel like gods leaving each one satisfied and wanting more.


The fusion of an impressive selection of alcoholic beverages, beautiful people, and unrivaled music sets, parceled in a sleek and sophisticated space with an old world charm, will seduce you to an evening of luscious libations. When looking at the next decade and what it might hold for the Drink Lounge, the partners envision taking this successful idea to other cities around the Philippines. So make sure to stay tuned.


Additional Details

Twitter: @LibationsBarGH

Founders/Owners: Elmer Nicolas, Junior Co, Mark Nocom, Bj Soriano, Jim Regis, Warren Dula, Jad Barcelona

Capacity: Sitting capacity 150, Maximum 300

House Operations: 3:00 pm- 3:00 AM

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