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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Mineski: The 2011 Games Xpo Champion in Singapore.


Mineski have placed first in The Games Xpo. They and fellow Filipinos left the Singaporean gaming event with pride and honor. Winning the TGX Arena Regional – Defense of the Ancients (DotA) tournament were Mineski Infinity PowerColor, who were awarded a grand prize of 3000 Singaporean Dollars (SGD) (₱103,651.40 plus). The team’s lineup is the same as Mineski Infinity Happy feet, the group that represented the Philippines at The International: James “Wootz” Inabangan, Julius “Julz” Sto. Domingo, John “JJR” Roxas, Joshua “Owa” Dela Serna, and Ralph Richard “RR” PeƱano.


For the TGX Arena Regional – Starcraft 2 (SC2), Mineski member Caviar “Enderr” Acampado placed first. He received 600 SGD


The victors of World Cyber Games Singapore – Heroes of Newerth (HoN) were a team from international gaming group Duskbin. The winning team was made up of Filipinos Marc “zekaykay” Parasdas, Kevin “Ismification” Herrera, Marvin “Lutan” Tan, Cath “cd” Diaz, and Jojo “Dragon” Uy.


To celebrate the victories of Infinity Power Color and Mr. Acampado, Mineski will hold a “TGX 2011 Aftermath Championship After Party”


TGX Arena Regional - Defense of the Ancients (DotA)

  • 1st - Mineski Infinity PowerColor (S$3000)
  • 2nd - Orange eSports (S$2000)
  • 3rd - MUFC (S$1000)

TGX Arena Regional - StarCraft II (SC2)

  • 1st - eXo.Mski.Enderr (S$600)
  • 2nd - NEO.RedArchon (S$400)
  • 3rd - pRo.Cobo (S$200)

World Cyber Games Singapore - Heroes of Newerth (HoN)

  • 1st - Duskbin.HoN (S$2000)
  • 2nd - Xtreme ChaotiX SG (S$1000)
  • 3rd - MUFC (S$500)



Reference: http://www.mineski.net

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