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Friday, June 20, 2014



Can you handle the PRESSURE ? I always ask my self this question before I cover events by the way I’m Mike a writer and photographer that is always on the go any where any time !!! 

Recently I had cover one of the biggest car-show event in the Philippines produced by Ladder Events Production, Metro Rides 6: Need for Speed Edition

banner official

Imagine that covering a car show event in six different location  simultaneously in one day…

midtown 2

Robinson Magnolia


Robinson Malolos


Robinson Midtown

novaliches 2 

Robinson Novaliches

Metro east

Robinsons Metro East


Robinson Galleria

Other people says that it’s impossible to do but I always tell them that the word IMPOSSIBLE in not in my vocabulary…

Did you know that taking a KIT KAT Break can unlock hidden skills in you that make it seem like you can break the impossible?


So, if you were given a chance to unlock the following skills:

a. Type faster and flawlessly.
b. Never forget any detail.
c. Create awesome presentation decks.
d. Multitask at any given time.

midtownnote book

It would be Multitasking at any given time and place !!!


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