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Saturday, February 01, 2014

LBC-Ronda Pilipinas 2014: International Edition


Seven International cycling tams will put another seven of our local bike clubs to the test in what will be known as the international edition of the 2014 LBC-Ronda Pilipinas.

DSC_0079_thumb[1]The international contingent consists of teams representing Japan, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Malaysia, and South Korea, with two other teams sporting a multinational roster. The local contingent, on the other hand, boasts of a number of local yet international trained cycling veterans.


International Teams: Matrix Powertag Continental Team (Japan), Dutch Global Cycling Team (Netherlands), Gusto Continental Team (Taiwan), Malaysia National Team (Malaysia), CCN Continental Cycling Team (Multi), UiJeongBu City Cycling Team (South Korea), and Infinite-Singha Cycling Team (Multi).



Local Teams: Team Philippine Army, PLDT-Maynilad Pro Cycling Team, Team Philippine Navy Standard Insurance, Team Cycline Butuan Mindanao, 7 Eleven Continental Cycling Team, Team Roadbike Philippines, and Team Cebu – Kalit Philippine Air Force.

“Our team has always aimed to be on par with international competition,” said Christopher Alison, Manager of the PLDT-Maynilad Pro Cycling Team. “The past few [LBC-Ronda Pilipinas] tilts have been our training grounds. This year, though, will be where we’ll see the result of that training,” he concluded LBC Sports Development Chairman Moe Chulani admits that the challenge of taking this event to an ‘international level’ lies not only on the shoulders of our local athletes, but also on LBC itself. “Even in the past [LBC-Ronda Pilipinas] events, we’ve always held ourselves to a higher standard to be able to execute an event of this magnitude,” Chulani said. “With the presence of an international contingent who are used to racing in prestigious events, we have to push the envelope even further if we want the Filipino cycling scene to be recognized worldwide,” Chulani enthused.


LBC-Ronda Pilipinas is the brainchild of LBC President Dino Araneta. According to Araneta, Filipinos have the potential to dominate in international competitions due to our lighter physique, which offers a significant advantage against bigger and heavier nationalities.

Organizing the LBC-Ronda Pilipinas was also what made them push even further in improving the logistical expertise and services of the company. “Being able to pull-off something this big for the three years running is no easy task. But with our new directions, vision, and fervor, represented by our recent rebranding, the Ronda is proof that we are more than just the ‘Padala’ that we are known for.” Araneta said. “LBC is all about making things move forward, whether it be lives, business, and communities. Or a world-class sporting events,” Araneta concluded.

The 2014 LBC-Ronda Pilipinas started on February 1, 2014. The 14 teams vying for the win of this 14-day 1,700-kiloneter race all across Luzon started pedaling away at the starting line at Quezon Memorial Circle.

For more information on LBC-Ronda Pilipinas, please visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/RondaPilipinas.


Major Sponsors: MVP sports, PLDT, Mitsubishi
Minor Sponsors: Maynilad, Versa 2 Radio, NLEX, Standard Insurance, Canondale, Air Asia
Media Partners: TV5, DZSR Sports radio 918

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