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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TAP TAP (Zurich, Switzerland) Swiss #1 female DJ and Scratch DJ ( all vinyl performance )

DJ TapTap, already a star in Switzerland, is an international DJ that has performed at various clubs and events around the globe. With her notoriety, she is surely becoming world-renowned as we speak.


DJ TapTap’s uncanny mixing ability, musical knowledge and impeccable track selection is what her fans and clients remember every time she graces the turntables. One thing is for sure, an electrifying party with unbounded musical energy is what DJ TapTap always delivers behind the decks.

Not just another pretty face behind the turntables, DJ TapTap in the last 7 years has put much time and effort refining her DJ skill. This leading to her having challenged multiple DJ’s, especially males, to DJ battles where she came out the winner many times. With a busy International DJ schedule, including performing for celebrities such as BEYONCE, BUSTA RHYMES, DIDDY and global clients like PLAYBOY, GUESS and FIFA to name a few, it is hard to believe that DJ TapTap finds the time to pursue her other passion: ACTING.


DJ TapTap, Virginia Gomez is her real name and acting name, has been a rising star in the tv and movie industry in Europe, especially in her home country of Switzerland. In front of the camera, she has been featured in movies and tv shows, always showcasing her acting talents with breathtaking beauty and grace. Being an artist in its purest form, no wonder DJ TapTap, “DJ, ACTRESS, SONGWRITER” is quickly becoming a world renowned superstar.
Who knows... maybe she will win the Oscar and host her own after party.


It has been almost 7 years now since DJ TapTap started her career by proving to be an exceptional talent and great DJ. She became a Club-Resident at Indochine. Just by the report of the people in Zurich she got her bookings in all major Swiss clubs. In less than one year she's also earning great respect in the DJ community by doing battles and winning them.

538923_401353759907009_2086577666_nPromo release photo(1)

Meanwhile DJ TapTap played several sets all over the world and for stars like Beyonce, Diddy, Jamiroquai or Busta Rhymes. (check out the references)
In addition she was proud to present the F.F.S. mixtape serie (1 -9 till now) and some other mix tape projects; Double Diamond & Real Deal.
In 2009 Miss TapTap released her very first single "HOT LIKE FIRE" It was a huge success in the German and Swiss dance charts - TOP 10.
In 2010 TapTap was touring all over the world, got her own radio show and did some movie projects.
2011 she's working on her first album, doing some new mix tape-collaborations and djing all over the world again.


some References
- Ivy, Montreal (Canada)
- Cafeteria, Montreal (Canada)
- Griffin, Las Vegas (USA)

- Park Hyatt, Goa (India)
- Red Bull Afterparty - Unawatuna (Sri Lanka)
- X2, Jakarta (Indonesia)
- Cabaret, Moscow (Russia)
- Elegante, Dubai (UAE)
- Irish Harp, Doha (Qatar)
- Zenith, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
- VIP Room, St.Tropez (France)
- Loft, Tanger (Marocco)
- Studio 44, Bruxelles (Belgium)
- Duplex, Prishtina (Kosovo)
- Pop Plage, Annecy (France)
- Loft, Lyon (France)
- Le 7 Club, Strasbourg (France)
- Midstar, Angers (France)
- Hugo's, Ravensburg (Germany)
- Das Oskar, Singen (Germany)
- NY Underground, Linz (Austria)
- Jade, Zurich (Switzerland)
- Elephant, St.Gallen (Switzerland)
- Le Ciel, Bern (Switzerland)
- Platinum, Geneva (Switzerland)
some Acts & Brands:
official BEYONCE Afterparty
official P.DIDDY Afterparty
official PLAYBOY Party
official FATMAN SCOOP Partys
official ED HARDY Party
official HUSTLER Partys
official BUSTA RHYMES Afterparty
official KELIS Afterparty
- FIFA World Congress
- Fashion TV Shows
- Guess
- Lacoste
- Aziza Zina
- Radio NRJ
- deLaCour
- Mercedes
- div Openairs

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