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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WebGeek DevCup:2012

Time is running out! If you consider joining as a team or individual to the “WebGeek DevCup” hackathon, then make sure to sign up today! The registration deadline is August 15, 2012 (11pm). WebGeek DevCup will take place on August 25, 2012 at Meralco Mutli-Purpose Hall, Ortigas Center.

WebGeek DevCup is inspired by the hack days of companies such as Facebook and Google. In a traditional hackathon, software developers collaborate outside of the usual corporate constraints in compressed time frames “Hackathon is about moving fast and getting stuff done” and usually fueled by pizza and energy drinks to solve a problem. For years, hackathons have been like the “American Idol for programmers” according to Wired.com – exploding in popularity and easily becoming a venue for companies and venture capitalists where new technologies and software are developed, and as a location for scouting innovation and funding.

To make the best of the event we recommend you to join us at Pre-DevCup Meetup on August 16 (Thursday) at Saguijo Cafe Bar 7612 Guijo Street San Antonio Village, Makati.

We’re throwing a WebGeek Pre-DevCup Meetup for everyone to get acquainted beforehand. Bring your questions and find out more about the hackathon rules, and meet other participants, judges and organizers.


Participants will be given six hours to develop a web application based on the prescribed theme to be given on the event itself. At the end of the allotted time, the finished web apps will be presented to the panel of judges that consist of seasoned gurus in the fields of web application development and program management. Those who emerge victorious will win fantastic prizes!

Who are qualified to join WebGeek DevCup, you ask? As long as you have the knowledge and the skills to create a fully-functional web application, then you are welcome to take part in the hackathon! You can go solo, form a duo or trio, and register until August 23, 2012. A registration fee of Php250 (individual), Php500 (2 team members), or Php750 (3 team members) will be collected through Eventbrite

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  1. Checkout our upcoming Hackathon on August 16 and 17, 2014 at Meralco, Multi-Purpose Hall. For more details about #WebGeekDevCup 2014, visit http://webgeek.ph/devcup-2014.

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    John Arce