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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Product Review: CM Storm Spawn

Product on Review: CM Storm Spawn
Manufacturer and Sponsor: CM Storm (Cooler Master)

The Spawn gaming mouse is lightweight, ergonomically designed and forged with a reassuringly solid design. It is built for professional FPS gamers that prefer the claw grip.

CM Storm Spawn Specifications:

- 3500 DPI Optical Sensor

Max. Speed
- 60 IPS (inches per second)

Max. Acceleration
- 20G

Image Processing
- 6400FPS (Frames per second)

Image Processing
- 5.8 Megapixels / second

Mouse Settings Storage
- Sentinel-X TM 32KB

Polling Rate
- 1000 Hz USB Transfer Rate

Button Management
- 7 programmable buttons

Cable Length
- 2 Metres

Gold Plated USB

The Spawn differs ergonomically from previous gaming mice from CM Storm by adopting a claw-style design. Over the proceeding pages we will take a look at its design in more depth.

 CM Storm Spawn packaging is very attractive and catches the eye

Inside the package, the bundle is rather thin. We have the mouse itself and a Quick Start Guide. Incidentally, the software that will come accompanied within this bundle was not included with the particular sample. Alternatively we have been given a download link to the software.

 Configuring the Spawn 

The Spawn is very easy to configure mouse, after all it doesn't have a lot of features: you cannot create profiles for different games and applications. Another limitation is the fact that the user is stuck with the three resolution tiers offered by CM Storm: there's no way to assign different values like 600 DPI, 1200 DPI and 3000 DPI, for instance, only the above mentioned 800 DPI, 1800 DPI and 3500 DPI. It's a good range but still limiting nonetheless.

The configuration program – downloadable from CM Storm's website – allows the customization of six buttons plus the scroll wheel. Since the Spawn doesn't have a lot of configuration options, the program is simple and to the point. 

You can create macros, adjust the pointer and clicking speeds, and most of all able/unable the Angle Snapping feature. It uses an algorithm to help the user to draw straight lines and circles by calculating the next obvious hand movement. 

It's useful when running a drawing app, but in midst of the chaos of virtual combat, this feature can try and “correct course” of a well-aimed shot and therefore be more of a hassle than some help. Our advice: turn the Angle Snapping off when gaming.

The 32 KB internal memory guarantees that your modifications will be stored into the Spawn and can be used on any PC the mouse is plugged on.

Closer Look:

   The Spawn is designed for a claw type grip.

Contrasted to the customary grip that has the fingers closer together. 

This design makes the Spawn much shorter in height and significantly wider in comparison to most of the gaming mouse. 
On the top side of the CM Storm Spawn we have the left and right mouse click buttons which have a smooth high-gloss border.


 Gold plated USB


Vice City
Battle Realms
Command and Conquer  
Call of Duty Black Ops
Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty 
World of Warcraft: D.O.T.A - All Star
Counter Strike 1.4 ver.
Diablo III
Age of Empire 
Rise of Nation


After all we all have our own personal preferences; different shaped or sized hands and tastes. In my own point of view it performs great from the different games that I tried playing with it.

Strong Points:
  • Ideal for a claw grip control
  • Rubber-coated for great stability
  • Great performance
Weak Points:
  • Doesn't feature user profile creation
  • No indication of the current DPI setting

General usage:

It's interaction within the OS is pleasing. I actually edited the images on this review to test this area of the Spawn out, having to be accurate with pixel tweaking. There is no room for inaccuracy with a peripheral when you are editing images. The Spawn is precise once again.

Rate from 1-10:  Score is 9 !

Many thanx to Sir Vincent for giving me the opportunity to product review of CM Storm Spawn.

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